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Poetry - Isis Zystrid


i am not one to resist logic,

i do not need my head

to be in the clouds

to get through

the day.

though i find no fault

in trying to keep

your pineal gland

from calcifying,

do not doubt that

the things arising within you

are attached to the ethereal.

but i have to take

this overcast afternoon

to curse that the two

have not met

in this scenario--

my divine synapses

have not alchemically bonded

to the most bare bones

version of reality.

see, when you meet

the perfect person

for you

and feel nothing for them,

it makes one desire

to take blunt objects

to the intersection

of where the physical world

and the ether meet.

chemicals have stirred in me

at such grandiose velocity--

such acute emotions

torn from the part of me