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Three poems by Akila G.

(As Cecile Oumhani and I join the editorial team of Caesurae Column, we present to you Akila G's exquisite poetry. Through the pandemic as our theme stands to be: resilience, Akila, through her poems, uses metaphors to caricature the metaphysics of existence, as she stretches epiphanies on short and long phrases of abstraction to reach silent deliberative moments in rhythmic self-confession. - Rochelle Potkar)

Donald Tong, Pexels


Our Hopes

like the Tanjore doll

her body, head and hands

in mudra, swaying with a gentle push

to her dome skirt.

You taught me to wrap it

in a cone-shaped paper

stuff the hollow spaces

with crumpled bits, what if

we lose the rhythm

to a broken hook?

I never learnt the way

you wanted me to;

tracing your nubile veins

tugging your skin in amoebic shapes.


you do not glow–

er at my (packing) abilities

nor do you rub the fall of light

in your eyes,