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Of Paints and Brushes

“For me the process of painting often begins without any definite visual idea. I tend to etch a few bold lines playfully and as the assemblage of lines, dashes, and dots begins to evoke a structure, I slow down and start to explore the depth of those marks. I love building different layers in my paintings by superimposing images. This creates a translucence which is ambiguous and vague. At times this weaves two or three parallel narratives into a painting.

The human figures that frequently appear and disappear are insubstantial, detached. Sometimes, they are nothing more than a structural necessity. The nostalgic use of colours often makes them ghostly relics of the past. I love how different and unusual colours fuse and produce resonance when placed in close vicinity. As a painter, I try to create a dynamic space where these layers of colours, forms and traces interact with each other to create a visual notation of loneliness, despair, redemption and glory.”

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