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The Special Issue of Caesurae, January, 2017, in the ‘Ekphrases’ section, brings with it a bouquet of ideas, concepts related to music in ‘Perspectives’. We have never dealt with Carnatic Classical Music before, so in this issue, we are privileged to share with you Professor Ramanan’s ideas on Carnatic music. Shri Bhabani Shankar Dasgupta writes about stringed instruments which were popular in medieval India. Anwita Ghosh from Caesurae Collective, reports Carsten Wicke’s Lecture Demonstration on Rudra Veena.

The Gurushishya Parampara section includes a conversation with Pt. Chetan Joshi and his disciple, Santosh Kumar. We have included a video clipping of the same.


Last but not the least, ‘The Inner Eye’, Section of Ekhphrases, shares with the Caesurae reader/ viewer, artworks by Avirup Ghosh, Haraprasad Chatterjee and Ashok Mohapatra. Sanket Agarwal’s photography speaks volumes about the inner eye to detect a thing of beauty which freezed in time, is a joy forever. 

Perspectives on Music:

The Inner Eye:

Readings & Recitals:

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