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Paper Art and the Artist Haraprasad

Haraprasad is a self-groomed artist. He claims that his artistic sensibilities have been further nourished and compelled through his associations. His struggles, personal visions and his unobtrusive love for art making is an inseparable part of his life and personality. The special medium of the collage allows him to build up on paper the visual dialogues he intends to portray. Like plastic art, it allows the artist to touch and feel the picture. Most of his paintings reveal the tearing pain and nostalgia for the natural beauty and abundance of Bethuadahari of his long-lost childhood days. The tearing pain emerges through the tearing edges of pieces of coloured paper that he uses to build up his images. His medium and art are both symbolic of his own life and personality and renders the conflicts within the self as well as the inherent connection between Man and Nature.

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