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Forthcoming Issue

Welcoming Contributions for Caesurae, August-September, issue, 2018

We are now open to contributions for the next issue of Caesurae, in 2018.

Our regular Features:

MANA: is open to creative writing pieces, like poems, short stories, creative Travelogues, excerpts from a novel/ novella in progress, Graphic Novels. Please send in your contributions to with a CC to Cecil Oumhani at, who is the Editor for this section.

INTERVENTIONS:  For this issue, we would be including certain presentations at the Caesurae International Conference held in August 2017, along with fresh essays on the theme of the Conference: (Click Here)

Please send in your contributions to for this section.

EKHPHRASES: We welcome contributions on music, poetry in performance, paintings, perspectives on performing arts, interviews with artistes, etc for this section. Any artiste interested in collaborating with Caesurae, please write to

FILM STUDIES:  Nikhila H, is the Editor for this section. Critical Essays on Film Theory and Film Criticism are to be sent to

TRANSLATION:  All contributions are to be sent to Tharakeshwar, VB, at We only accept translations into English.

GENDER AND CULTURE:  Please send in your contributions to with a copy to


MYTH & NARRATIVE: Please send in your contributions to for this section.

SPRING RHYTHM: Contributions by young scholars and students to be sent to


We are introducing the CAESURAE WEEKLY COLUMN from this issue. Contributions are requested for the two items in the Column.


Book Reviews




Please send in your contributions to or to or for the Weekly Column.




The Special Feature for this Issue will be Art and Cultural Transmission. This section will be guest edited by the Art Historian, Dr. Rajasri Mukhopadhyay. Please send in your contributions to her at


Contributors are requested to go through the Submissions Page for stylesheet and other details. Please Mention the section to which you wish to contribute when you mail your contributions.

The Deadline for Receiving Contributions is 30 th April 2018. For any clarifications regarding contribution you are welcome to write to

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