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This section this time includes three very different essays by research scholars who presented at the Caesurae Annual International Conference in 2021. Himabindu Chintakunta’s essay on Telegu print culture in the princely state of Hyderabad in early 20th Century maps the political and cultural history of Hyderabad. Meeraz Hoque’s essay writes how the ideas of alienation and marginality are transcreated in Mira Nair’s films. Soutik Chakraborty’s essay on Augmented reality writes how ‘worldizing’ translates the virtual reality in our perception. He attempts to establish a philosophy for Augmented Reality taking into account recent theoretical developments. 

Chief Editor 

  1. Vernacular Elite … by Himabindu Chintakunta: 1-12 

  2. Transcreating Marginality, Alienation and Mobility … by Meeraz Hoque: 13-23 

  3. Translation of Real from Reality to Digital … by Soutik Chakraborty: 24-30

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