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Film Studies

In this issue, we have two articles “Buddha in the Comics: A Study of Record of Ragnarok and The God of High School” by Tathagata Sagar Pal and “Making Remakes: A Historical Overview of Isosemiotic Culture in Kannada Film Industry” by Tharesha K.C. These two are revised versions of the papers that these young research scholars presented at the V Annual International Conference of Caesurae Collective Society organized at Cooch Behar College in April this year. The articles are remarkable additions to the new scholarship broadly in the area of Visual Studies, that includes the study of comics, graphic novels and films. 


While a number of scholars have looked at the genres of comics and graphic novels in the recent times, what makes Tathagata’s article stand out is that his scholarship combines his deep understanding of Buddhist mythology from ancient times and contemporary narrative practices that offer interesting reading of the symbology of the mangas and manhwas. 


Tharesha’s essay offers a new method to approach the study of cinematic intertextuality as well as intermediality. It is a study that offers rich insights into what issues animate particular film industries in a multi-industry endeavour that filmmaking is in India; it also forces film scholars to ask what kind of a method will help capture this textured and dynamic history of filmmaking in India. 


                                                                                                                                                                     Nikhila H. (Editor, Film Studies)


  1. Buddha in the Comics by Tathagata Sagar Pal ( pg.1- 30 )

  2. Making Remakes by Tharesha K.C. (pg. 31-45)

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