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Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation, Volume 4:2 and Volume 5:1.  


This issue, as a combined volume has taken time. Yet I am sure, the essays, the artworks will offer a rich feast to lovers of Humanities as a discipline. We have introduced a new section called the “Hill Cultures”, for researchers who are interested in Himalayan Studies. The “Ekhphrases”, section introduces a multitalented artiste and scholar, Srijan Chatterjee, who has joined us. We look forward to organizing workshops with him as we have done with other musicians who took interest in our organization. Covid years have changed our lives to a large extent. Surjo Sengupta one of our founder members, who has designed the website and has been maintaining our journal, from its time of inception now has fourteen hours of office work per day, and we were not finding anyone with that expertise to work professionally for us. We are extremely grateful to Srijan, for finding a software professional, who will be maintaining the website and working with Surjo.  


Though this issue has taken time, Caesurae Column has been active throughout. There are pending Reviews of books which will be published in the Caesurae Column every fortnight from now onwards. The post-covid world has given us a new life, and we look forward to living it well. Creativity among others is a way of surviving with a cheer along with scholarly practice. We have begun our preparations for the Annual Caesurae Conference once again in a physical space. We look forward to contributions for our next Newsletter.


Wish all our readers a healthy and productive future ahead. Happy browsing our journal. Also hope that all our members will continue to share with us their thoughts, ideas, creativity and scholarship with love and understanding.  


Jayita Sengupta 

Chief Editor 

July 2022 

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