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For the combined two issues of Caesurae, this section devoted to the poetics of cultural translation in Fine Arts is delighted to post a report with some photos of the violin workshop held in March 2020, by maestro Indradeep Ghosh, accompanied on the pakhawaj by Shri Nishaant Singh in Cooch Behar who is a Caesurae Life member too. 


Apart from this, there are four presentations. There is a combination of art and music in the first two sections and a presentation of ghazals by an upcoming singer, in the third section. The fourth section is a presentation of stills from Kattumaram, a queer short film, from South India. 






The violin workshop by Caesurae in collaboration with Gurukul Music Academy in Cooch Behar included three batches of students: beginners, middle group, and upcoming violinists. The workshop was held for two full days on the 6th and 9th of March. It was coupled with a performance at Cooch Behar College on the 7th of March. The chief intention of this workshop by Caesurae has been to provide opportunities for talented learners in Cooch Behar from a violin maestro and to increase awareness about the Dhrupad style of violin playing. 




Alpona, especially in Santiniketani style comes to life when it converses with Rabindrasangeet. Caesurae is extremely delighted to present a duet performance by an artist and a singer-composer.  Smt. Basabi Dutta not only sings a Tagore number but composes a bandish based on the song. Transcreation of Rabindrasangeet into a Maithili bandish which finds expression in the artist Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee’s alpona motifs, creates a synaesthetic form of cultural translation in santiniketani gharana of art and aesthetics. 

The presentation of Raaga Bhairav alaap marks the first presentation of the Waves Album.  Sarode strings, along with meditative paintings and dance choreography tells the story of soul awakening. 



Sohini Singha Mojumdar is a promising new voice in classical and semi-classical music. She has composed the music for the ghazal lyrics by Salahuddin Haque Abusarim Sarim, which she sings in this presentation. 



Caesurae is happy to share some stills of the queer film Kattumaram by Swarnavel Eswaran. The film has bagged awards and has been widely reviewed. 

Production still1.jpg
Production Still 3.jpg
KM 7 Singaram with Lantern.jpg
KM 5 Ajay.jpg
KM 3 Anandhi.jpg
KM 2 Malar and Singaram.jpg
KM 2 Malar and Singaram (1) (1).jpg
KM 2 Singaram.jpg
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