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Translation Studies

From the second volume Caesurae has ventured into publishing translations from Indian languages in order to showcase the diversity and richness of literary cultures existing in India. This issue presents four short stories from four different languages from North-East to the South of India: Assamese, Santhali, Telugu and Tamil. Apart from the short stories, the staple of literature, i.e., poetry has also made its imprint here in a small way: three poems of a poet in Kannada are available in translation here.


The stories explore the human relations structured in/through our social and economic fabric they range from mid twentieth century to the early decade of twenty-first century. Without any conscious efforts, these threads from distant lands of India seem to have woven themselves into a fabric, and this fabric surfaces as a metaphor in these stories.

The poetry section features only one author from Kannada and hopefully we would be able to bring much variety in the next issues.

We are also planning to have critical reflections on literary translation from the next issue.


Tharakeshwar VB


  1. The Stain (Click here)

  2. What is my Identity? (Click here)

  3. The Welling Sea (Click here)

  4. Zari-bordered White Sari (Click here)

  5. Three Poems (Click here)

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