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Authors who submit their work have to register themselves as members of the e journal. Registration is free. One has to sign up with a password and login to view all contents.  


Every manuscript should be accompanied by: 


  • Membership Details 

  • Brief cv of the author along with a photo.  

  • Covering e mail, mentioning the nature of the manuscript submitted. 

  • For submissions of others artwork, music clips, as illustrations in a manuscript, copyright permissions have to be obtained by the author. 

  • In case of literary translation, the authors are required to take the relevant approvals for any copyright material. The editors of the journal in no way will be held responsible for the infringement of copyright. 


The peer review process of the journal might take 4 to 5 weeks. No e mails in that time period pertaining to the manuscript will be entertained. 


The manuscripts sent to the journal should be original and should not have been published elsewhere. A Declaration of the copyright stating that the article and ideas are one's own intellectual property, has to be given at the time of submission. The copyright for the manuscript rests with the author, however, an intimation in writing has to be given to the Managing Editor, in case the author wishes to re-publish with any other publisher. 


Submission guidelines 


All articles should be in MS Word, Times Roman, 12 font, 1.5 spacing, and sent through e mail. 


The length, 


  • of the critical essays should be, 3000- 4500 words. The essay should contain an Abstract of about 200 words, about three to four Keywords, and the main body of the essay.  

  • of short fiction/ translations, should be, 2000-2500 words 

  • of normal articles, 1500-2000 words 

  • of reviews, interviews, 2500-3000 words 


Stylesheet to be followed:  


  • All books, articles etc mentioned in the References should have an entry in the body of the text as- (Wright 2015: 12)  

  • The essay should be followed by Notes as end Notes and not Footnotes and References. 

  • Stylesheet for References is as follows:  



Tharu, Susie. “The Impossible Subject: Caste and the Gendered Body.” Economic and  

      Political Weekly, vol. 31, no. 22, 1996, pp. 1312-15.   


Butler, Judith. Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of "Sex". New York: 

      Routledge, 1993.   


Submissions should be sent to the Managing Editor at or to the respective Editors of the sections directly as instructed in the Forthcoming Issue, Page. 

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