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Caesurae International Conference, 25-28 March 2021

The corona situation worldwide compelled the Caesurae Collective Society, to organise a Virtual International Conference, this year. The organising committee included among the Caesurae Life Members, Swarnavel Eswaran (Professor in Michigan State University, USA) along with Nikhila H. (Jt. Secretary of Caesurae Collective and Professor in English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad, India) and Jayita Sengupta (Secretary, Caesurae Collective and Professor in Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University, India). It was a four day conference. There were keynote addresses by T.Vijay kumar Tadakamalla (President of Caesurae Collective, formerly Professor and Dean of Arts, Osmania University), Lalitha Gopalan (Professor in the Department of Asian Studies and South Asia Institute, USA), Priya Jaikumar (Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA).

There were plenary lectures by Professor Niladri Chatterjee (Kalyani University, India), Professor Constantine Nakassis (University of Chicago), Professor Tharakeshwar, V.B. ( English and Foreign languages University, Hyderabad, India), Shri Saikat Sekhareswar Ray (Satyajit Ray Film Institute, Kolkata, India), Professor Hari Krishnan (Weslyan University, USA), Professor Usha Iyer (Stanford University), Professor Vanamala Vishwanatha (an acclaimed academic and translator who has taught in many premiere institutions in Bangalore, India),

Sashikant Ananthachari ( a film maker) was in conversation with Swarnavel Eswaran, in a Special Panel discussion. Jayita Sengupta in conversation with Professor Eswaran talked about her latest visual storybook. The French writer, Cecile Oumhani and Rochelle Potkar (the writer and poet from India) were locked in conversation discussing their creative ideas and works on translating cities. There was a session on music by Shri Anirban Dasgupta (sarodiya domiciled in Masachussets, USA) and Smt. Sanchita Choudhury (the acclaimed vocalist, from India).

The two Special Panels on Translating Space and Culture included very interesting presentations on art and architecture in Rajasthan and Hyderabad in Telangana, India. There were two more panels which included presentations by young research scholars. A Virtual Art Exhibition on 'Environment and Empathy', compiled and designed by Jayita Sengupta and Brian Eriksson (An artist from South Africa), added to the charm of the online conference. The concluding remarks were given by Professor Nikhila H. Rochelle Potkar, known for her creativity in designing posters and certificates helped the organisers with the same. Surjo Sengupta, Caesurae's webmaster with his friend Pramit Das composed the theme music for the conference. Last but not the least credit goes to Swarnavel Eswaran for working in tandem with the organising committee, to Nikhila H., who coordinated and drafted the layout of the conference, and was the technical support for this virtual conference.

For the Conference Schedule and Abstracts please click here:

IV Caesurae Annual Conference Schedule and Abstracts
Download PDF • 971KB

The Conference was livestreamed on You Tube. It can be accessed through the links below.

Day One, 25 March 2021:

Day Two, 26 March 2021:

Day Three, 27 March 2021:

Day Four, 28 March 2021:

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