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Raaga Kedar by Shri Bhabanishankar Dasgupta

Shri Bhabanishankar Dasgupta is the elder son and disciple of the living legendary Sarode Maestro Padma Bhushan (Pt.) Buddhadev Dasgupta. Raga Kedara, belonging to the Kalyan thaat, is a Night Raga, which is resplendent with the beauty of love. While the raga could be rendered as a sringara rasa, it ultimately transcends into mysticism. Human desire and yearning blends into sublime grandeur. Whether in music, dance or painting, Kedara has the resonance of emotions strung from the chords of the heart to ultimately seek the divine through the erotica of human love. This rendition in sarode by Shri Bbanishankar Dasgupta, through alaap, jor and jhaala beautifully captures the erotical sublime mood of the raga.

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