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Poems and Perspectives

Manisha Shrestha

Research Scholar

Sikkim University


Many a moments bloom before me

I pass them uninterested.

Pearls fall in torrents from heaven

And facing an oblivious awareness,

Disappointedly, vapour back.

The ticking of the clocks,

The bells in the schools

Alarm all, in an awareness

Of time gushing by

Enticing opportunities, that are swept away

Into the fatal mouth of the beautiful past.

Yet, Pearls caressing the cheek of Time

As glistening drops,

Are ruthlessly wiped away in ignorance….


Turning my back to the mortal ground,

I turn towards the vast expanse of nothingness.

Turning my back to everything,

I turn towards nothingness.

Lying on the dewy carpet of Mother Earth,

I turn my eyes to the Father Above.

I see, and see nothing,

Yet find everything in that nothingness.

Everything it contains and

Is contained in everything.

Gazing persistently, entranced -

At His majesty,

My soul begins to breathe

Into expansion.

Spreading wide, engulfing everything,

I realise Eternal Truths in that moment.

Gently whiffing through the air

My breath merges with the breeze -

I am one with the Divine.

Gazing at that expanse -

I feel a part of nothing -

And everything, at once.