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Saviskar Winter Art Exhibition 2017 - 18

A Report by Abhro Pal
A Prolific Essayist, Creative Thinker based in Canada
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Noty Binodini Art Gallery at Star Theatre, Hatibagan, Kolkata, observed a foray of gallant art forms in the winter art exhibitions organized by Saviskar, from 31st December 2017 to 6th January 2018. This was a remarkable showcase of artwork by different artefacts, where eminent artists like Atanu Paul, Sanantan Dinda, Soumen Pal, Debashish Mallick Choudhury graced their creative presence among other newcomers and enthusiasts. Sujoy Chatterjee, Suman Kalyan Malaker, Sayan Mandal, Jayita Sengupta, Sandeep Sukhbir Singh, among others, were some of the key participants in the exhibition.

Though this was not literally the first public appearance, as Saviskar had its inauguration in September 2017, this was when Saviskar truly came out of the shadows of ‘the Third Eye Photography’ group, which has made its mark already under the leadership of the distinguished photo artist, Mr Atanu Paul. Saviskar, as we understand from the organizers, was conceived to shelter a wider canvas of various visual art forms than just photography and be receptive to members and outsiders alike. The winter exhibition did not falter in that promise.

Apart from inimitability of the lens works, eloquence of paintings and naturalism of sculptures, Saviskar housed some interesting evening presentations of visual art forms. “Charyapada”, an interesting slide show by Palash Dasgupta, offered an insight into ancient Bengali literature; “Shivelight”, a presentation by Jayita Sengupta, effortlessly blended her narration with her paintings, musical interludes and stills into a riveting story-telling.   There was also ‘Kathascape’, a rhythmic elocution by Piyali Pathak.


Last but not the least, “CAR-TOON”, the now popular ‘Bapi’ green taxi in town, paid a visit to Saviskar as well, doing what it does best, connecting all the art intellects by giving a Bengali sartorial persona to a common Taxi – a signature emblem of the city and its history.

Dhiman Dasgupta, the well-known documentary filmmaker, script-writer and essayist released his CDs namely, Vision, Cchelebela, Images Visionary, Writer as Teacher, on the last day of the exhibition. Beni Sahokala, a documentary (on the history of book covers in India) by him was also shown, that evening.

The public response to this exhibition was a heart-warming experience for the organizers and participants alike. We can only hope that Saviskar will continue to inspire creative thinkers and people with  creative aspirations in the manner it has done this time. 

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