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Meghbalika - "A Musical Presentation of Caesurae"

 ‘Meghabalika’, a Bengali narrative poem by Joy Goswami has been attempted into a musical transcreation, by the Caesurae young group. The poem, is a play of the overwhelming waves of memory, nostalgia, so intensely made humane and feminine. Thoughts in waves of music weave into poetic inspiration that shimmers like a dream. Indian classical violin and the Spanish guitar, with the vocal, using ragas like Megh, and Desh (all monsoon ragas) are delightful in creating conversations. The musical segments always start with the lower swaras and a slower tempo, giving the feel of a nostalgic mood. However, as in the narration, even musically, the poet awakens to the present which is represented with the fastening of the tempo to a constant plane and the addition of a steady rhythm. Every instrument including the voice has been used to its full effectiveness.

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