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A Bouquet of Paintings

By Isabelle Raviolo

We are extremely grateful to our editor Geetha Ganpathy Dore, for introducing us to the artist Isabelle Raviolo. Caesurae is overwhelmed by the gift of her paintings for the Special Issue, in January, 2017. There are four sets of paintings that Isabelle has shared with us. The third and the fourth sets are paintings as her homage to the poet Celan.


Born in Italy, Isabelle Raviolo lives and and works as a teacher in Paris. She is a poet, philosopher and painter. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York, Berlin and Rome. She is the author of L'incrée chez maître Eckhart (Editions du Cerf, 2011). She edits Thauma, a review of poetry and philosophy that has existed for 12 years. Her publishing house, La Dame de Onze Heures, set up in 2007, has brought out several volumes the first of which was a homage to Poe.

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