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The Interventions Section of Caesurae, Special Issue, January, 2017, intends to explore how the discursive terrain called ‘cultural translation’ generates dialogue between a ‘carnival of ideas’ (as Harish Trivedi says) and moves across the imaginary boundaries between disciplines. It tends to explore the ‘third space’ (Homi K. Bhabha) as a twilight zone of light and darkness extending the horizon of traditional concept of translation. Cultural translation invites a host of ideas ranging from Walter Benjamin’s notion of ‘untranslatability’ to Michel Callon and Bruno Latour’s ‘translation sociology’; and this issue attempts a critical encounter with these cross currents of heterogeneous ideas and ever-shifting concepts. It encourages rethinking of the notion of both ‘culture’ and ‘translation’ which are never static and continually reshape themselves through mutation and evolution. The issue particularly addresses, Poetics / Politics / Ethics of cultural translation. The essays discuss the problematics of Cultural translation, transcreation and hybridity, philosophy and cultural translation. The Managing and Chief Editor is extremely grateful to the young editors Aditya Misra and Suvasree Karanjai, Research Scholars, North Bengal University for their help in this section.



1. Ethics in Experience: The Politics of Epistemology and Representation - Chinmaya Lal Thakur (Click Here)


2. In Defence of Dialogue: Reflections on J. N. Mohanty - Silika Mohapatra (Click Here)


3. Walter Benjamin, Dalit Literature, and the Politics of Translation - Debayudh Chatterjee (Click Here)


4. On Translating Gaganendranath Tagore’s Bhondaṛ Bahadur - Sanjay Sircar (Click Here)


5. Translation as Cultural Transaction: The Establishment of the Bramha Samaj in Mangalore -  Parinitha Shetty (Click Here)


6. Cultural Translations/Adaptations in Radhanath Ray’s Kavyas -  Supriya Subhadarsini Sahoo (Click Here)

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