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Hill Cultures

Hill Cultures is a new section in the Caesurae Journal. This issue (4:2 & 5:1) focuses on the Eastern Himalayas. There are two essays based on two short research projects on Sikkim Himalayas, conducted by research scholars from a university in North Bengal and there are three short stories. Two short stories by Sivasish Biswas, from his experience of his life in Mizoram, are from an outsider-insider’s perspective. The short story (from Nepali to English) by Sanjeev Chhetri, a writer based in Darjeeling, is curated by Benoy Pradhan of Southfield College, Darjeeling. We also include certain online lectures here, on the Eastern Himalayas during the Covid years, and a Lalan Fakir’s song from the sub-Himalayan Cooch Behar.   


                Jayita Sengupta 



Research Essays 


  1. Significance of the Lepcha Creation Myths and Folktales (1-17) 

  2. Shamanism: A Brief overview and an Analytical Study of the Shamanistic Rituals of the Lhopo Community of Sikkim with special focus on Red Offering (18-47) 




  1. Two stories from Mizoram by Sivasish Biswas (1-6) 

  2. An Unusual Story by Sanjeev Chhetri (8-12) 

Online Lectures 


  1. "The Aspect of Orality and the Interaction between the Oral and the Written in Tamba Oral Traditions" by Shraddhanjali Tamang 

   2. "An Outsider-Insider's Version of the Mizo Life and Culture" by Professor Sivasish Biswas 

  3. A Lecture by Karma Jinpa on Tibetan Buddhism  

A Lalon Fakir song from Cooch Behar

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