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Translation Studies

From the Editor of the Translation Section

From the Volume 2: Issue 1, Caesurae has ventured into publishing translations from Indian languages in order to showcase the diversity and richness of literary cultures existing in India. This issue, Caesurae Volume 2: Issue 2, in the Translation Studies Section edited by VB Tharakeshwar, presents a short story from Telegu and a Kannada play along with Baul songs, Bengali poetry and Kannada poetry in English translation.


There are also three critical Essays/Reflections on Literary Translation, for the scholars working on Translation Studies in this issue.


  1. A Telegu Short Story by K.Kutumba Rao (Click Here)

  2. A Kannada Play by Yogesh Master (Click Here)

  3. Baul Songs by Shah Abdul Karim (Click Here)

  4. Poems in Bengali by Subodh Sarkar (Click Here)

  5. Poems in Kannada by Basavaraj Sulibhavi (Click Here)

Critical Essays on Linguistic Translation

  1. Translation as Production of the New: Some Reflections on the Nineteenth- century Malayalam Literary Space (Click Here)

  2. Bhashya: The Creative Possibilities in Translation (Click Here)

  3. Recapturing Silences: An Empirical Analysis of the Politics of Translation (Click Here)

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