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This Combined issue of the Caesurae Journal has a special theme, for its MANA Section. The theme for the creative pieces collected and edited by Cecile Oumhani is FIRE & WATER. 



There are ten poets who contributed to this section: 


  • Adam Aitken (Australia)

  • Muriel Augry (France)

  • Eva-Maria Berg (Germany)

  • Claudine Bertrand (Canada)

  • Tim Holm (USA)

  • Paul-Georges Leroux (Canada)

  • Alan Lord (Canada)

  • Jacques Rancourt (Canada)

  • Shuhrid Shahidullah (Bangladesh)

  • Tanja Langer (Germany) 

Fire and Water (Click Here)

The Criminals of MS. A by Tanga Langer (Click here)

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