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This issue of ‘Interventions’ section includes articles of different flavours, which would suit a reader’s palette for a variety of items he wishes to savour. The Feature Article is by Geetha Ganpathy Dore, on Apollinaire’s interest in India. Though Apollinaire has had a strong impact on many of the creative minds in India and elsewhere in the world, not much has been researched on his understanding of Indian art, literature and culture and how this permeated into his creative works. Geetha’s  well researched essay wonderfully depicts the cultural translation of India in Apollinaire’s poems just as it also compares by way of interdisciplinary and cultural translation, the  creative works by other French painters and sculptors of his time. Along with our new understanding of Apollinaire’s creativity, we get a glimpse of the other French creative thinkers in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, which speaks of a rich exchange between the two countries, and the concept of internationalism in French culture. 

The other three essays, in this section, include an essay on the Bheel Mahabharata by Madhumita Majumdar, an essay by Harini Jayraman which explores the linguistic hybridity in a Tamil text, and an essay on three films  on 1947 India’s Partition which writes about India-Pakistan relationship and its influence on Bollywood thinking. 



Apollinaire's India -  Geetha Ganapathy-Doré



Analyzing Linguistic Hybridity: Translation  of Ponniyin Selvan from Tamil - Harini Jayaraman         


Investigating the Narrative Voices in Bheel Mahabharata by Madhumita Majumdar                                                


United by Partition: A Study of the Portrayal of the Boota Singh-Zainab Story in Films- Debaditya Mukhopadhyay                    

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