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Film Studies

The Film Studies Section of Caesuraethis time has an essay on Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue, a Commentary on the recently released Hindi film Raazi, and a Report of a Film Festival, “Samaantara: A festival of Parallel Cinema and a Girish Kasaravalli Retrospective”. We envisage the film studies section of Caesuarae to bring together various kinds of academic activities around cinema, and hence encourage contributors (non-academics too) to send in

1) Reviews on Films, features, shorts and documentaries 

2) Reports and Reviews on Film Festival 

 3) Book reviews of publications in Film Studies 

4) Essays on and around Films.


Contributors are welcome to send in images, photographs, stills, accompanying their submissions, after securing due permissions.

- Nikhila H


1. Samaanthara-A Festival of Parallel Cinema and Retrospective of Girish Kasaaravalli 

2. Listening to the Silent Man’s Testimony:  A Reading of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decaloguei 

3. Redefining Patriotism: Commentary on Raazi

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