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A Musical Gift from Shri Indradeep Ghosh, USA

Shri Indradeep Ghosh has been associated with Caesurae from the very beginning.  We have had a very intensive violin workshop with him in 2016. And we look forward to many more.  

This unique Carnatic - Hindustani Violin duet by Dr. Mysore Manjunath & Indradeep Ghosh was presented by Global Creative Arts Academy - Houston at their 2nd annual event Tansen Tyagaraja Music & Dance Festival. Raga : Abheri/Bhimpalasi.

Caesurae Art Gallery (Please click on the Slideshow to view Full Images)

Biluka Nirmala


Nirmala is Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, JNAFAU, Hyderabad. She recently completed her doctoral research at EFLU on “Making of a Deity: A Study of Transforming Visual Culture of Goddess Shrines in Hyderabad.” Her paintings have found their way to many prestigious exhibitions in the country. 

Nirmala Beluka.jpg

Priyanka Aelay 


Priyanka Aelay is a research scholar at EFLU, Hyderabad. She was part of  a prestigious Art Residency in Borddeaux Metropole- Bordeaux, France, facilitated by Kalakriti Art Gallery in 2018. Here’s the link to what she has to say about her art. 

Sundeep Shikhar Singh


Sundeep Shikhar Singh took his preliminary painting lessons from his mentor Bhupal Roy. After Finishing his MBA and working with a reputed company for two years or so, he finished his diploma from Government College of Arts and crafts, Kolkata. His paintings have been showcased in many exhibitions in the country

Sundeep Shikhar Singh.jpg

Ashok Mohapatra 


Ashok Mohapatra is an academic. He has a passion for painting. These are digital sketches by him, with Microsoft Paint and mouse. 

Ashok Mohapatra.jpg
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