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Chief & Managing Editor's Column

This time Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation, Volume 3:2 and Volume 4:1  is a combined volume for 2019 and 2020.  


Though the Caesurae journal has taken a break, it intends to catch up with time.  We sincerely hope that the readers will find the contributions, both academic and creative ones, meaningful and useful.  


Though we had intended to publish papers submitted to us after the conferences in 2018 and 2019, we could publish only a few which met our standards of publication and were approved by the peer reviewers. 


Due to the worldwide pandemic situation, we are unable to hold our Annual International Conference this year. But we will be organizing an international webinar coupled with creative sessions keeping in mind the different time zones around the world for various participants in March 2021. The theme of the Conference will be the Aesthetics of Cultural Translation: Art,  Architecture, Spaces, and Music.



 We would request all the readers to go through our Newsletter to learn about our activities, which includes much more besides the conference we hold every year.  If anyone is interested to conduct any music/ film making/ creative writing / digital painting workshops in collaboration with Caesurae, please contact us via e-mail, However, in the present pandemic situation, such workshops can be conducted only online in 2021. 


We are open to membership for the organization. To participate in our conferences and workshops, membership is mandatory. But you don’t have to become a Caesurae member to publish in our journal. 


The only criterion for getting published in the Caesurae Journal is quality, judged by our team of Editors and peer reviewed by academics and writers for the various sections. Do send in in your contributions by the 10th of March 2021, for our regular and special feature. Please surf the journal and abide by the submission rules before sending in your contribution to us. 


Happy surfing to all the Caesurians, and non-Caesurian readers and viewers!


God Bless you all! Let’s hope for a better world in the days to come! 


Jayita Sengupta

January 2021

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