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Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation, Volume 3: Issue 1, is here with its bouquet of poems, stories, critical essays, music and what Caesurae has to offer to Caesurae readers. 


Caesurae Collective Society has travelled through time and we have had two AGMs.  Finalized papers presented in the last conference sent to us are being peer-reviewed for inclusion in Vol 3: Issue 2, in 2019.


Besides the Regular Features, we also hope for contributions to the Caesurae Column. So please write to us, if you have an interesting Book Review, an article with a perspective or an interview with any creative personality. If you are a creative person yourself, please translate your passion in words and share it with us. 



We are open to membership for the organization. To participate in our conferences and workshops, membership is mandatory. But you don’t have to become a Caesurae member to publish in our journal. 


The only criterion for getting published in Caesurae Journal is quality, judged by our team of Editors and peer reviewed by academics and writers for the various sections. 


Happy surfing to all the Caesurians, and non-Caesurian readers and viewers!


God Bless you all! 


Jayita Sengupta

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