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About Us

Caesurae is a caravan of ideas intersecting between cultures, disciplines, philosophy and narrative. 


Caesurae is the creative pause, in the midst of the breathless rush of life, the liminal space for thought, creativity and dialogics of creative and critical empathy. 


Caesurae, offers to take a sneak peek into the art and problematics of cultural translation. Staying true to our theme, we invite the readers to pause and ponder, to critique, to discuss the various counterpoints of cultural translation. We begin the dialogue, and we expect the readers and the future contributors to pick up the thread of cultural discourse, through music, creative writing, painting, photography and of course academic articles. 


Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation is a double blind peer reviewed interdisciplinary international e- journal, split into phenomenological intermissions of 


·       Mana, a section for poems and creative prose and translation/transcreation  


·       Interventions which is all about critical essays. 


·       Ekhphrases, which includes articles, interviews of creative people, genres of music, art, painting and photography. 


·       Spring Rhythm, a section for the youth, which includes their creative thoughts and ideas, they wish to share with us.  


·      A Special Feature, based on a theme, which is a cantankerous punch of poetics, theory and praxis. 


·       Film Studies 


·       Translation Studies 


.    Hill Cultures 



Frequency of Publication 


Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation is Annual. 


Caesurae Collective Society is a non-profit organization which runs this open access Journal. We have membership fees for participating in our Annual International Conferences and for participating in workshops organized by us. But contributions to the Journal are open to all and is free for all. Essays selected through the peer review process are published in the Journal.  



• Disclaimer 


The opinions expressed through articles, essays, interviews etc in the journal, are purely the 

authors. The authors are requested to obtain copyright permission for the use of any photos, 

pictures along with their contributions. The Management board and the Editors will not be 

responsible for any copyright infringement. 


All queries related to the e journal, sponsorship of its issues, donations, submissions should be addressed to the Managing Editor at 


We do not generally accept any contribution by snail mail. In case of books for review, one should send to: 


Jayita Sengupta 

Managing & Chief Editor, “Caesurae” 

P-17 B, Asutosh Choudhury Avenue 

Mainak, Flat 204, 

Kolkata 700019 

West Bengal 


(M): 08017147503 

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